The building of the Beth Hamidrash. At last the long awaited temple.

In cooperation with the fund Tsidkat Eliahou, we collect money for the building of the future temple in Israel. We have yet bought a land of 20 ha in Jerusalem to build the palace and the temple. The palace will have 1337 rooms to host all the prophets and the noble jewish people of Hashem where they all could come in vacation for free..

Give for the building of the Beth Hamidrash

Beth Hamidrash

Finally ! King Mashiach has arrived ! A ELERA the child of a EREN.

Cedric de Crozant de Bridiers is Roi Mashiach, his patronym goes back to King Arthur and King David but he's not the son of his parents, but of a EREN, AYAMINAÏ AYERTAN, an archangel that has conceived him in a spaceship. The legend of the real ELOIM.

Who is king Mashiach?


The divine army IZREMOU KRABOKAN or AYED EREMEN in ITO. The divine shield protects the land of Israel with extraterrestrial miracles.

Yesterday again, december the 3rd of 2017 at 10:20 PM time of Israel, King Mashiach has destroyed 2 arab missiles arabes that were attacking the State of Israel. Thanks to his talents of ELERA, King Mashiach has grabes the missiles and crashed them in ennemy land in Irak and in Libanon. King Mashiach can also heal by miracle, he has given back the leg of 3 soldiers of Tsahal victims of mines. They immediately run in the military hospital ins Ashdod while screaming of joy. In particular we think about Michal, orphan of war and soldier of Tsahal, that King Mashiach has adopted as his son. He will have his room at the palace.

Who is the divine army?